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Description - Miniature horseshoes

All items are Hand made at the forge, so will slightly differ in size and shape. these miniature horseshoes have been made in Cockington for over a decade, we are proud to carry on the tradition.

Place one in your purse / wallet and may it never be empty!

Mild steel.


Standard delivery within the UK for this item.

Please allow up to 10 days for delivery.

Horseshoes as charms:

Iron particularly the horseshoe has long been recognised as an emblem against evil. One example is of St Dunstan, extracting a promise from the Devil that he would not enter a house where a horseshoe was displayed.

It has always been considered as a charm to ward off the likes of witches, wizards, ogres, gnomes, fairies, ghosts, trolls, pixies, elves, leprechauns, goblins and all kinds of other demons and evil spirits.

Mini Horseshoe.

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