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Our Story

Rex Latham is an award-winning blacksmith who has practiced his trade for over three decades. A traditional blacksmith, he particularly enjoys the challenges of restoration and conservation as well as embracing bespoke and contemporary commissions. 


He and his daughter have made numerous media appearances on television and radio both internationally and here in the U.K. as well as being featured in countless newspaper and magazine articles.

In the forge shop one will find hand-forged products made by Rex and his daughter Katie plus items that have been specially sourced to compliment the work of the forge.


These include cast iron pieces for both home and garden and various metal products made in an alternative style to that of the Lathams.


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See How We Work

The forge itself is normally open seven days per week and includes a viewing area allowing members of the public observe Rex and Katie whilst at work. Please note however, we don’t ‘do demonstrations’, all work is in real time according to the current work load. This is a real WORKING forge and business, nevertheless Rex and Katie are more than happy to answer any questions or queries you have regarding the forge and blacksmith’s work.


Although a relatively new build (built circa 2002/3) the forge is set out in the same practical manner as traditional forges have been throughout the ages, a ‘smith from 500 years ago would be familiar with the tools still used, the only difference between then and now being electricity and the machinery driven by it.


The subdued lighting (known locally as ‘dimpsy’) is necessary for the blacksmith to have a constant and consistent light level so he can ascertain, from the colour, the temperature of the work. The tools being racked up and close to hand enable the blacksmith to ‘strike whilst the iron is hot’ so as not to let the metal cool any quicker than necessary for time spent heating is time wasted for work.

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